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Subsequent career and break-up of the band

LAKE were able to advance their record-breaking reputation even further in 1978. The second album LAKE II hit the shops with even more polished ideas than the debut, but had been created less organically. Alex Conti: “We had a gigantic budget and decided to record everything with
separate multi-tracks, and in the process some of our feeling was lost” – a fact that still does not distract from our listening pleasure. On festival sites such as Rotterdam and, again, Nuremburg, the band shared the bill with Bob Dylan.

By 1979, the third album PARADISE ISLAND was in the can, but the infernal studio & tour grind left its casualties – keyboards, bass & producer resigned!

NEW friends – new fortunes: With the assistance of Chicago- and Beach Boys producer James Guercio, the long player OUCH! took shape in 1980 – sounding on top once again. However, by now it was Alex Conti who couldn´t face the pressure any more: “During the OUCH! sessions, I wasn´t myself anymore because of my drug intake – I could not function as a reliable partner.” The band cut their losses and their ties with him.