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Jim Hopkins-Harrison †

James Hopkins-Harrison kept the LAKE lot together, thanks to his legendary energy “on stage, off stage and backstage” – with revolving line-ups. CBS Records released a live double album ON THE RUN. During 1983 and 1984, the albums NO TIME FOR HEROES, VOICES and SO WHAT took shape, presenting easy-going commercially viable albums for Polydor with a light Funky touch.

Alex Conti re-surfaced in a solo capacity – recording CONTI for the Metronome label in 1982 and CONTINUED for CBS in 1984, using no less than four ex LAKE musicians in the process. He then started the power trio Rosebud, which historically significant – featured the current, 2010 LAKE members Mickie Stickdorn and Holger Trull on drums and bass. Conti worked with Atlantis lead singer Inga Rumpf again and subsequently joined the Hamburg Blues Band. The LAKE laboratory finally came to a standstill in 1986.

James Hopkins-Harrison suffered so much from the death of his „baby“, that the former engine driver of the band found himself lost in a fog of drugs and sadly passed away in 1991.